Consulting Services


There are five key consulting services of Nuvem Infotech, that are designed in a modular fashion to cover different stages of organizational development and program delivery.

Our aim is to enable executives and key stakeholders to achieve continuous development, disruption and competitive advantage to ensure profits for shareholders.

  • Nuvem–DiscoverNow
  • Nuvem–DigitalNow
  • Nuvem–EnableNow
  • Nuvem–AssureNow
  • Nuvem-ContinueNow


Products and Solutions


Nuvem Infotech offers products and solutions that provide the strategic advantage to businesses

  • Data Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Application Development
  • Web Site Design and Optimization
  • IT Management Services


Pricing Model


We have both fixed cost and time and material based pricing models. Our pricing varies on the basis of business requirements.